What is


The DPC model is revolutionizing the way we approach healthcare.

Direct Primary Care

What is

It is empowering the patient-physician relationship. A visit with a Direct Primary Care physician is much more than a simple appointment. Our compassionate model focuses on your unique needs and features longer appointment times and same-day or next-day scheduling.


We offer flexible visit formats such as text, email, phone, or video visits.

We're here for ongoing wellness, not simply a single visit. Flexibility, empathy, and dedication to your health and schedule are our core values as a provider.

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Simplifying Health Care


Most Primary Care Clinics

No Copays or Surprise Costs

Direct Access to your Physician

Virtual visits via Phone, Text, Email, or Video

Same Day or Next Day Visits

Minimal to No Wait Times

Most Procedures and Urgent Care Included

Discounted Labs and Radiology

Restoring trust & open communication with your Doctor

Relaxed & Extended Office Visits

Your Doctor has More Time for You & Your Needs