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What Is Medical Weight Loss?

Our medical weight loss treatment is a doctor-supervised program that assists people in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight in a secure and efficient way. In order to examine general health and find underlying issues that could be causing weight gain, the program involves an initial consultation with a physical exam, lab assessment, includes prescription medication when necessary.

The approach includes prescription therapy with weight loss medicine, when necessary, as well as nutritional advice, exercise recommendations, and health coaching. Throughout the program, participants may seek medical advice as necessary and get continuing support and direction. Medical weight reduction gives a thorough method of weight loss that aids in long-term benefits and a better way of life.

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Benefits of Medical Weight Loss

Numerous advantages come with medical weight reduction, including the chance to seek doctor’s advice as necessary. This program is overseen by a doctor who will create a customized plan for you based on your unique requirements, assuring a healthy and long-lasting method of weight reduction. Additionally, with medical weight loss in Katy, you may sustain your weight reduction over the long term with benefits that endure.

What to Expect During Your Medical Weight Loss Appointment

When you attend a medical weight loss appointment, you can expect a comprehensive program that includes an initial consultation with a board-certified physician, followed by once-monthly in-person visits.

The program includes prescription medication when indicated, which will be decided based on your individual needs.

To help keep you accountable, you will have bi-weekly weigh-ins that can be done either virtually or in-person. Nutritional counseling will be provided, along with a meal planning guide with recipes to help you make healthy food choices. Additionally, you will receive a home/gym workout guide and exercise planner to help you incorporate physical activity into your routine.

Some additional notes to keep in mind include the fact that this program is designed to provide you with a comprehensive approach to weight loss that takes into account all aspects of your health. Medical weight loss in Katy is customizable to meet your individual needs, and the team will work with you to help you achieve your goals in a safe and effective way.

What’s Included in Your Medical Weight Loss Plan

    • A physician-managed program
    • Initial visit with physical exams and lab evaluations
    • Nutritional counseling throughout the program
    • Workout guides and plans
    • Prescription medication when appropriate
    • Weekly fat-burning injections such as Lipo-B shots that aid metabolism and energy (if desired)
    • Adjustable treatments based on the patients needs throughout the course of their treatment
    • A Direct Primary Care membership to Hibiscus Health and Wellness for patients who chose a weight loss package. 3 and 6 month packages are available.

Book Your Medical Weight Loss Treatment in Katy, TX

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