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Direct Primary Care in Katy is a healthcare model where patients pay a monthly fee directly to their physician for comprehensive medical care, bypassing the traditional insurance-based system. For a flat monthly membership fee, you will receive the benefit of no copays, deeply discounted labs and imaging, included minor office procedures, discounted aesthetic procedures, and direct access to your physician. All plans offer varying levels of care. View our membership page for more information.

Simplifying Health Care
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Most Primary Care Clinics

No copays or surprise costs

Direct access to your physician

Virtual visits via phone, text, email, or video

Same day or next day visits

Minimal to no wait times

Most procedures and urgent care included

Discounted labs and radiology

Restoring trust and open communication with your doctor

Relaxed and extended office visits

Your doctor has more time for you and your needs

Membership Pricing

Enrollment Fee $100/person or $150/family

One (1) Adult Member


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Two (2) Adult Members


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Pediatric only enrolled without a parent (Ages 2-18)


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Additional Adult or Child


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What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a newer model of medicine that provides accessible, affordable, evidence-based, high-quality care. A DPC practice does not contract with any insurance plans. Instead, patients pay a low monthly membership fee which covers their services from the DPC practice. This fee includes many things such as unlimited office visits, in-office procedures, and allows for certain other benefits such as lower out-of pocket costs for labs and imaging. Most DPC practices also provide increased access to the physician, and provide flexibility with appointment types and scheduling.

Will I still need insurance?

Yes. It is still recommended for you to have insurance. A DPC membership is not insurance. While our office can provide care for the majority of your healthcare needs, you still need coverage in case an ER visit or hospitalization is necessary. There may also be times when a specialist needs to be involved in your care. Having insurance may be helpful for lab, imaging, and medications. Some people find it beneficial to pair a DPC membership with a low premium/high deductible plan. You can think of it like having car insurance. You pay out of pocket for routine needs such as gas and maintenance, but then use insurance for more significant repairs. Please note, if you have an HMO plan, you may be required to have an in-network primary care physician for any referrals and orders to be covered. We would be considered out-of-network. If you have an HMO and would like to join, please check with your insurance plan first.

Can I join if I have Medicare?

At this time, we are not accepting any medicare patients due to certain Medicare guidelines.

What if I need to be hospitalized or see a specialist?

If your condition is serious enough to require hospitalization, you can receive your care at the hospital of your choice. Your care will be provided by the hospitalist team. Upon discharge, we will coordinate your follow-up care with the hospitalist physicians.

If you need to be seen by a specialist and are uninsured, we have specialists that we work with that can provide quality care at an affordable price. If you have insurance, we can work with you to find one of our colleagues who is in your network.

What if I want to cancel my membership?

While we hope that doesn’t happen, we understand that circumstances may change. Patients may cancel with a 30 day notice. Please note, there will be a $250 re-enrollment fee if you decide to rejoin.

Can I just do a one time visit?

Forming a longterm relationship with our patients is at the core of our values. In order for this to occur, our patients need to be committed to the membership model. There are many benefits to maintaining a membership, most important being easily-accessible care when you need it by a physician you know and trust.

What if have a problem after hours?

You can reach us at anytime for urgent issues by phone.

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