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Smooth unwanted dynamic wrinkles in the face

Botox works by temporarily paralyzing the muscles it comes into contact with. This prevents the muscle from contracting, which, in turn, smooths out the wrinkle. Botox is most effective on dynamic wrinkles, which are caused by muscle contractions, such as the forehead lines, frown lines between the eyebrows, and the crow’s feet around the eyes. Static wrinkles, on the other hand, are not caused by muscle contractions and, therefore, cannot be treated with Botox.

woman after botox in Katy

What Does Botox Treat?

  • Horizontal forehead lines
  • Frown lines between the eyebrows
  • Crow’s feet or laugh lines around the eyes
  • Bunny lines around the bridge of the nose
  • Smoker’s lines around the lips
  • Other expression lines on the face

Delay or prevent the signs of aging with Botox

Preventing wrinkles before they form is the best way to keep your skin looking young and fresh. Dynamic wrinkles stabilize on your face because of years of regular facial muscle contractions to produce facial expressions, such as smiling and frowning.

If you start undergoing Botox in your early 20s, the dynamic wrinkles won’t become permanent, allowing you to maintain smooth, wrinkle-free skin into your 30s and beyond.

Benefits of your Botox treatment:

  • Suppress unwanted dynamic wrinkles
  • Targets the root cause of wrinkles — facial muscle contractions
  • Minimally invasive treatment performed with injections
  • No harsh side effects or complications
  • No downtime — resume daily activities immediately
  • Improve overall confidence and self-esteem
  • Reverse the signs of aging

What to expect from your Botox treatment

Before your Botox in Katy treatment, your doctor will consult with you to determine which areas of your face you would like to treat. During the treatment, your doctor injects Botox into your skin using a fine needle. You may feel a slight pinch or burning sensation when the needle enters your skin. The entire treatment usually takes less than 30 minutes.

woman after Botox in Katy

Before & After

The side effects and recovery after Botox

After your Botox treatment, you may experience some side effects, such as pain, swelling, bruising, and headache. These side effects are usually mild and temporary. You should avoid lying down or rubbing the treated area for at least four hours after the treatment to prevent the Botox from spreading to other muscles. Other than these aftercare guidelines, you can resume all your daily activities and work immediately.

What you can expect from Botox results

The results of your Botox treatment will vary depending on the areas treated and the severity of your wrinkles. You may see a noticeable difference in the appearance of your wrinkles within a few days after the treatment. But it can take around two weeks for the final results to appear, so you must be patient. The results of Botox in Katy usually last for three to four months, following which you may need maintenance treatments.

Neo Laser + Botox/Fillers

Due to the 650 microsecond pulse width of the Neo, energy is delivered to the skin very quickly. This means that treatments are very gentle which allows the practitioner the ability to combine with other treatments in the same session for optimal results.

Combination Treats:

  • Skin Rejuvenation

Meet Dr. Anyaoku

Dr. Jacinta Anyaoku is a board-certified direct primary care physician specializing in the latest and safest aesthetic treatments. She believes everyone is unique and must receive unique treatment. Instead of offering a standardized dose, she personalizes the Botox dose and treatment area according to your goals, ensuring subtle and natural-looking results with minimal side effects. Please schedule an appointment to explore your Botox treatment options with Dr. Anyaoku in Katy, Texas.


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