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Confidential Consultation

Your women’s wellness exams start with a confidential consultation with Dr. Anyaoku. Once you arrive at the clinic, we will take your weight, height, and blood pressure. Dr. Anyaoku will ask questions about your overall health, sexual health, menstrual cycle, lifestyle, and medications. She will also ask about your family’s medical history, whether you’ve been pregnant before, and other questions that allow her to better understand your concerns.

woman after wellness exams in Katy

Physical Examination

After a detailed and thorough consultation, Dr. Anyaoku will initiate your physical examination. The physical examination includes using special tools to listen to your heart rate, respiratory health, lungs, and throat. The doctor will also check for signs of thyroid problems and examine your neck, head, and abdomen. The physical exam allows the doctor to identify potential health conditions that need to be addressed.

Breast Examination

The breast exam is an important component of women’s wellness exams because it allows the doctor to identify signs of breast cancer. The doctor for your wellness exams in Katy will examine you to check for lumps or other irregularities. She will also instruct you on how to check for lumps and signs of breast cancer yourself.

Pelvic Examination

The pelvic exam allows the doctor to identify signs of cancer. The doctor will examine you to check for possible irregularities such as inflammation, discharge, redness, and swelling in the vaginal area. An internal exam is also performed to evaluate your cervix, uterus, and ovaries.

Pap Smear

The pap smear is a painless procedure wherein a metallic or plastic device called a speculum is used to visualize the inside of the cervix. During this exam, the cells around the cervix are collected and sent to an external laboratory for testing. This can help us identify the early stages of cancer.

woman after wellness exams in Katy

Meet Dr. Anyaoku

Dr. Jacinta Anyaoku is a board-certified direct primary care specialist who provides a confidential, comfortable, and compassionate environment for women’s wellness exams in Katy. She fosters a strong relationship with her patients, ensuring they feel comfortable enough to discuss their most intimate concerns without shame, anxiety, or concerns. Dr. Anyaoku listens to your concerns, conducts thorough evaluations, and supports you through every stage of your healthcare journey. For more information, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Anyaoku.


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